Types Of Thinning Shears For Hair

When youre a professional stylist, you will know that the right tools produce the right results. Choosing the right tools can take up a lot of time, effort and research so heres a short guide to give you a head start. Thinning shears come in many different types because hair doesnt come in one standard texture. There are different tools to use on different hair types and they provide different outcomes, so its a good idea to invest in more than one pair of thinning shears. Having an extensive collection of hair shears just makes work a lot easier, and you can find that you can create the right results in less time simply by having the right tool close at hand.

There are various types of thinning shears and each one performs a specific task. Lets start with chunking shears. These shears are mostly used to remove chunks of hair from the interior and to create notches in the end sections of hair. These are especially used on thick, course or curly hair types since they benefit the most from having excess bulk reduced. Thinning shears that are categorized as chunking shears often have from 7 to 15 teeth, making the gaps pretty wide between each tooth. These shears can reduce from 40 to 80 percent of hair in one snip depending on the technique and angle of the cut. As with all thinning shears, caution must be taken when handling fine hair since its more difficult to blend.

Next, blending and texturizing shears. These are great for those just starting out in the styling business and those who are starting to build a collection of styling tools. This thinning shear as around 20 (or more) teeth and are the most practical of all thinning shear types. They can remove from 40 to 70 percent bulk in two slices, plus it offers ultra versatility, great blending and texturizing for all types of hair.

Lastly, finishing shears. These can reduce 10 to 50% bulk and usually have between 28 to 40 teeth. They are mainly used to clean up a hair style and can give it a nice finish by blending or removing just a little bit of bulk from hair. Fine or thin hair can benefit a lot from these thinning shears. You can generally use finishing shears in the same way as other types but will require more effort if used on thick or course hair to have the same effect as chunking shears.

So, which one will you choose?