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Use Whisper Essential Oil to Enhance Your Natural Charm and Beauty

Winter is finally leaving and the scent of spring flowers is all in the air. Has it ever happened to you that while walking down a street recently you have instantly struck with an aura of lightness and positive emotions? That’s your sense of smell doing its best to remind you of all those lovely times you’ve had in springtimes past.

Of all the five senses, it is only the sense of smell that has the power to invoke memories and create new ones. No wonder, fragrances can anytime boost your mood and brighten your spirit. What more, perfumes also enhance your natural charm and beauty, making you appear attractive and appealing to the opposite sex.

Some scents are manly, some are feminine. Some are energizing, while some are seductive. Some fragrances help fight anxiety and some boost confidence. Some have fruity notes and some are gifted with herbal aromas. But ever heard of a scent that changes according to the person who applies the fragrance?

Surprised? Well, you better then take a sniff of Whisper essential oil. You will be surprised beyond words. Yes, whisper is that love potion which can smell differently to different individuals. The uplifting aroma complements your every mood and desire. Although, the aroma is not so overpowering, it has a subtle divine note that lingers on throughout the day.

doTERRA whisper is an exotic blend of six essential oils and five absolutes that work harmoniously with an individual’s unique chemistry to create an appealing aroma. The 11 exquisite ingredients include Patchouli, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Cinnamon, Cistus Absolute, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Cocoa Absolute and Vanilla Absolute.

From billowy flowers to exotic herbs, from aphrodisiacs to rejuvenating fruits, the oil has all the essential ingredients to appeal your every mood and unique body chemistry. While, the roses and jasmines in the oil, remind you of your feminine allure, the powerful vanilla and cocoa can make you feel sensuous and seductive.

The interesting thing is, the scent changes if you are a man. So, if you happen to be a guy and apply the oil on your body, the aroma quickly takes on a strong note of sandalwood, cinnamon and ylang ylang. The citrus and herbal essential oils in the blend help to relax and relieve anxiety and lower stress levels and relieve tension.

The wonderful aroma alleviates feelings of depression and brings on a sense of calm. Jasmine in the blend induces feelings of optimism, energy and confidence in the user. The creative mix also helps to balance hormones, liver and kidney functions.

Moreover, no matter what the mood and how we feel at different points in time, we all want to feel attractive and desired. And the best way to enhance your attractive appeal in an instant is by wearing a scent. The different fragrances in whisper can not only have lasting effects on your mood and well being but can also enhance your natural beauty and attractive appeal to manyfolds.

By using your unique sense of smell and body chemistry to your advantage, the oil has a balancing and rejuvenating effect upon each individual. It can be used either topically as a perfume or cologne or aromatically as a diffuser or massage oil.