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The Application Of Polyisobutylene In Cosmetics

The application of polyisobutylene mainly focuses on cosmetic grade polyisobutylene, hydrogenated polyisobutene (synthetic squalane) and polyisobutylene triglyceride.
The straight-chain alkyl hydroxyl structure of cosmetic polyisobutylene and sebum is similar. So it is well compatible with the skin. Non-toxic, odorless, high purity, easy oxidation emulsification, moisture can form a water resistance film. The main application range of skin creams, lipsticks, make-up. At present, China’s application of cosmetics class polyisobutylene comes mainly from Japan, the United Kingdom.
Hydrogenated polyisobutene cosmetic features of the natural squalane, which is called synthetic squalane. At present, China’s application hydrogenated polyisobutylene comes mainly from the glutathione companies in Japan. Polysynlane is a colorless, odorless non-toxic high purity liquid heterogeneous straight-chain alkanes, cosmetics and pharmaceutical oil phase composition can be used without special restrictions; white mineral oil, petrolatum, Polysynlane give products to excellent noble touch, moisturizing and not greasy, moisturizing lubrication, the infiltration; very close to the nature of the natural squalane, but the minoxidil price is much cheaper; good thermal stability and storage stability, easy to use emulsion; irritation and allergic. The main indicators: the proportion (20 C) 0.822; refractive index (20 C) 1.457; Melting point / C a 50max; acid value 0.01max; saponification value 0.5max; iodine value of 0.2. According to the viscosity of different polysynlane divided into three levels of polysynlane, polysynlane LITE, Polysynlane4. The main application areas: lipstick can make a better pigment dispersion; cream coated with a sense of very good cream penetration, moisturizing, moisturizing without a greasy feel, bright, and can be used as a humectant, emollient. Herbal Aloe gel contains hydrogenated polyisobutylene (synthetic squalane) ingredients.
Polyisobutylene acid glycerides can be used as the main component of multi- functional wetting agent. It has highly efficient water lubrication. The node content is 33% ~ 58% and the free water content is about 5% ~ 22%. It can provide adequate moisture for sensitive and delicate mucous membranes in human body and human organs and maintain smooth. Moisturizing cream contains polyisobutylene triglyceride composition and polyisobutylene triglyceride. The polyisobutylene acid glycerides can be an effective treatment and eliminate vaginal dryness disease while alleviate and eliminate pain during intercourse caused by menopause and old age due to vaginal dryness. It maintains women’s normal physiological function and mental health.Source:

Bizarre Beauty Rituals

You normally wont find fish or bird droppings at the beauty section of big department stores. But these bizarre cosmetic ingredients have been used by Japanese women for ages to maintain their smooth, wrinkle-free complexion.

Now, trendy, high-end spas are offering these ancient remedies to both men and women who are willing to try anything in the name of beauty. These geisha-inspired treatments are the latest craze and are taking the beauty industry by storm.

For several centuries, Japanese women made their own skincare formulas at home with natural food products and the trade secrets of their female ancestors were passed from generation to generation. It is these ancient beauty rituals and renewed interest in the once denigrated geisha that have been resurrected in Japan and sold around the world, said Stephanie Rafanelli in the Daily Mail.

For starters, how about a goldfish pedicure? In this procedure, hundreds of miniature fish eat your feet right before your very eyes! But dont panic. Were not talking about piranhas here. The treatment uses doctor fish or gara rufa that nibble away dead, scaly skin in a matter of minutes.

Several beauty salons have picked up on this trend, which has long been used in Turkey, China, and Japan. The fish feed on dead skin, leaving the healthy, new skin exposed. The result is supposed to be soft smooth skin without a hint of roughness, explained Amy White in AssociatedContent.com.

Your most unpleasant flaky bits will be swiftly nibbled away in 15 unbearably ticklish minutes to reveal baby, clean feet. So the only thing youre likely to die of is laughing, Rafanelli added.

If you have a strong stomach, get a nightingale-dropping facial at Haris Salon in London. This 90-minute treatment will help lighten and brighten dull skin. The birds feces were used by early geishas and Kabuki actors to remove their thick make-up. Prior to applying, the droppings were dried in the sun. This has been replaced by ultraviolet light to sterilize them. At 135 its one of the most expensive facials but customers swear it leaves the skin shiny, clean, and fresh looking for the rest of the week. Plus its odor-free!

Nightingale droppings contain an enzyme called guanine which bleaches and heals the skin, which makes it such an effective facial ingredient. This amino acid’s benefits have long been known by Japanese geishas and Kabuki actors. Even monks have used these droppings to condition their exposed scalps, revealed White.

Believing that beauty is not only skin deep, the Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic in Japan is known for its Etiquette Up treatment that supposedly purifies the body. This weird beauty regimen promises to detoxify your internal organs and make your feces odor-free. Your bathroom visits will be more pleasant afterwards. Did I mention this procedure is also good for the skin and eliminates wrinkles? Indeed, Japan is the place to be for pretty feces I mean faces!

For the less adventurous types who dont want to go far in their pursuit of beauty, they can find comfort in the popular wrinkle-fighter Dermaxin. This unique cream has powerful anti-aging ingredients that moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and healthy.

Strange Japanese Beauty Products

When it comes to innovation, nothing beats the Japanese. Our Asian friends often leave no stone unturned in their quest for beauty and perfection. Thats probably the reason why theyve come up with lots of unusual and sometimes silly inventions.

To give you an idea of what I mean, heres a brief overview of bizarre beauty products from the Land of the Rising Sun courtesy of UniqueDaily.com and 3yen.com. The products featured here are not guaranteed to work but I promise theyll give you plenty of laughs.

Are you bothered by the size of your nose? Many Japanese women are and want to do something about their small, flat noses. The Hana Hana Nose Stretcher will change all that.

This beauty accessory is nothing more than an industrial-strength clothespin. Wear it for just a few minutes for a couple of days and it will supposedly make your nose bigger and longer. The manufacturer claims it stretches the nose cartilage to give the user a beautiful and balanced face – whatever the heck that means! At less than $7, this natural nose lift is a real bargain. Perfect for those who are afraid of plastic surgery!

Fans of the ax-wielding maniac Jason Vorhees in the Friday the 13th film series can now look like their favorite horror icon with the Face Slimmer. In Japan, a slim face is a mark of beauty. Put on this rubber mask and it supposedly massages and melts away fat from your face. No batteries required.

The Head Bath Cap looks like it was made especially for Marquis de Sade, the French aristocrat and writer of violent pornography. Put the cap over your head and fill it with water. The trapped water is said to be good for the scalp and will help you grow thicker and fuller hair. Since the cap covers the entire face and only has one opening on top, dont wear it tightly or you could drown in the damned thing!

Want to look taller? Then the Neck Stretcher is for you! Just place this accordion-like device around your neck and fill it with air with the included hand pump. In minutes, it will stretch your neck and hopefully increase your height. Warning: overuse of this product can make you look like a giraffe!

The Slim Mouth Piece supposedly exercises the muscles around the mouth to help you lose fat. The manufacturer said it tones your face by expanding and contracting flaccid facial muscles. Use it for only 2-3 minutes a day to “sharpen your features.

Despite its misleading name, this gadget is supposed to make your mouth bigger, not smaller. Bigger? Yes, bigger. Who on earth would want this? Well, the theory is that if you widen your mouth, you will have the appearance of a small face, so prized by the Japanese, said an unnamed English teacher in Fungus Mungus Weird Stuff in Japan.

Exercising the mouth sounds like a good idea. But if you ask me, that area gets all the exercise it needs from smiling, talking and eating. Still, the Slim Mouth Piece would make a good conversation piece. Get yours for $9.50.

If youre looking for a natural way to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles without having to go through the pains of costly plastic surgery or cosmetic injections, dont waste time going to Japan. The solution is right here with the Rejuvinol AM/PM Botox Alternative Age-Defying System. This powerful anti-aging formula consists of the Rejuvinol morning moisturizer that nourishes and strengthens the skin; and the Rejuvox night cream that relaxes tense, tired facial muscles.

Anti Aging Remedies Right The Kitchen

Getting eler is scary because it is actually unknown territory. Those that get there before s like sharing their experiences pls poits they kow regardig the aging process. Eeryone inside our youth osessed culture wants to undestand hw to stay young. Millions f dollars every year pour into the beauty indstry inside search of the funtain of youth. Cut away some of th mytique bout aging by getting the facts. Lear the best anti aging myths for ladies and get informed regarig hat exactly is true.

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Sisley Supremva at Night Anti-Aging Ski Care could be used at evening only. The Sisley anti-ging roduct is made to be chosen found on the neck, dcollet and fae region. he user sould gently masag the product into the skn tll it is perfectly absorbed. Suitable for all skin kids, Sisley Supremva at ight Anti-ging Skin Care is noncomedogenic product plus has been tested b dermatlogists for skin tolerance includng for utilize on sensitive kin. There is not any added fragrnc. Siley upremva at Night Anti-Aging Skin Care is fragranced just y the all-natural element.

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If you are a sort whom cares much about the environment (deally you need to be), you would choose an electrical one thinkng you ar doing the ideal ela ella Reviews for the environment.

Skin creams shuld have in them an igedient called Wakame, a kel within the Sea of Japan. Wakame is from th Sea of Japn. It is sea kelp which is loaded ith calium, iron, sodium, potassium plus B vtamins.

Whether it really is ati-aging skin care for gus, females, or for 20 anthing, these goods claim to mak a difference like o different. So consult the dermatologist plus then decie on purhasing any of the above revealed, or any alternative anti-aging cream. Remmber, you skin is fairly gentle and tng utmost care of it happens to be essential.

Will An Anti Aging Cream Really Make Me Look Younger

To have healthy radiant skin your anti-aging skin cream must do four things. Grow new collagen; Produce more elastin; Promote healthy skin cells and new fibers. One problem is that most anti aging skin creams do not have the ingredients to do this. Applying some animal collagen will not give the desired results. But there is a way to get new, beautiful and younger looking skin.

Cynergy TK is a skin care ingredient that you probably haven’t heard about. It works where no other skin care product has before making it new and revolutionary. What it does is help your body produce the growth of new collagen, new skin cells and elastin. When your body produces new collagen. elastin and cells, wrinkles slowly disappear.

Skin’s Building Blocks

The skin’s building blocks are made up of different types of protein. Keratin is one that is very important. Some anti aging skin products say they have keratin. But keratin cannot be absorbed into the skin if it is not made right or it comes from the wrong place. For an anti aging cream to work it needs the right kind of keratin. What is the right kind of keratin?

It’s called Cynergy TK. It has “functional keratin” called such because it works beautifully in anti aging cream. It is protected by a patented process making it available to only a select few companies. They have inexpensive false copies. I found the one that everyone would like to have. But only a few do.

Skin creams should have in them an ingredient called Wakame, a kelp from the Sea of Japan. Wakame is from the Sea of Japan. It is sea kelp that is loaded with calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and B vitamins.

Wakame was also used by women on their faces but was originally used a food in Japan and of course it still is. Smoother and younger looking faces are the result. An analysis was done on Wakame and it was found that a component inhibits hyaluronidase. An enzyme, hyaluronidase, helps to break down hyaloronic acid.

Wakame used regularly causes the skin’s protein levels to increase to that of a person of lesser age. In addition it is a good antioxidant.


As you know antioxidants get rid of free radicals that can cause damage to our skin cells resulting in wrinkles. So having them in anti aging skin creams is a logical choice.


Skin creams should contain antioxidants like wakame, vitamin E and CoQ10. Of course, these ingredients need to be natural, not some cheap imitation. Nano-lipobelle is created in such a way that it will penetrate through seven layers of skin. It contains both COQ10 and vitamin E in a special emulsion created specially for use as an anti-aging skin cream

Ingredients to Avoid

Briefly, let’s look at a few of the things that a skin cream should not contain: -alcohol because it is drying. -fragrance because it can be irritating. -sunscreen because it alone does not reduce the risk of skin cancer and some compounds are hazardous. -parabens because they are cancer causing suspects. -paraffin wax or mineral oil because they clog the pores and strip natural oils, leading to dryness.

Our skin absorbs almost everything that touches it. That means it could go into our bloodstream. Anti aging creams should only have real not imitation ingredients. – Margaret Bell