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Rice Water For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Rice water is one of the most talked about beauty recipe .It is highly effective both for hair and skin. Rice contains Pitera which is considered to be beneficial for skin and its benefits were first observed by Japenese ladies. Rice water tightens the skin pores that too without harsh chemicals. Washing you face with rice water enhances your complexion. Albeit you wont see instant result but constant use of it will make your complexion lighter within a month.

It is a fairly simple remedy. All you have to do is to keep aside water which you used to wash rice before cooking it .For effective result take the FIRST wash rice. If you feel that rice is not very clean then you may use the second wash rice. Remember we are not using the cooked rice water. We are using the raw rice water which we get while cleaning the rice before cooking it.

You can use uncooked brown rice, white rice or red rice. Just run your finger a bit when you are cleaning the rice. Cloudy the water more effective it will be. Just splash this water repeated only on your face .Let it get dry on its own and wash it off with water later on.

This water can be refrigerated for 1or 2 days. You can use it as a toner too. For best result follow it twice a day in morning and evening.

Some beauty parlors charge exorbitant amount for giving rice water steam as rice water steam helps in reducing acne. You can easily take rice water steam at home. After taking steam dont wash your face immediately. Wait for five minutes and clean your face with dry towel. Wash you face after cleaning from the towel.

Washing hair with rice water is considered to be a good conditioner. After shampooing your hair, rinse hair with rice water for 30 seconds. Wash it off with water again. As rice water is rich in vitamin B ,it makes hair soft, silky and shiny.