Stop Hair Loss with Natural Tissue Cell Salts

A sought-after hair loss treatment can be purchased in different pharmacies, hair care clinics, salons and even in supermarkets. Products and treatments for hair loss can extremely vary from medicinal to herbal to surgical hair restoration, which is one of the most received techniques that is being widely serviced to patients all over the world; however, hair transplantation will cost you a lot of money as any type of hair surgical transplantation is very expensive and is considered a plastic surgery.

Alopecia or hair loss is caused by many factors but the most prevalent cause of hair loss in men and sometimes in women is genetics. It has been proven that the main culprit of hair loss is dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT is a super hormone converted by the hormone testosterone with the aid of the 5-alpha reductase enzymes. The hair follicles on top of the scalp are genetically susceptible to going bald. Overtime these follicles are acted upon by DHT. This hormone binds with the receptor site in the vulnerable hair follicles. The entire process gradually degrades the hair follicles’ ability to grow healthy thick hair and the end result is often referred to as male pattern

Hair thinning and excessive hair loss can be devastating for people who are victims of this condition. Although, it is considered normal to lose fifty to a hundred hair strands a day, it should be alarming if your hair is falling out in clumps.

There are many reasons we experience hair loss problems. Among them are medications, diseases, infections, heredity, ageing, and pregnancy. It can also be because of very simple reasons, like poor unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet and mineral deficiencies.

There are literally hundreds of hair loss products in the market that help prevent and stop hair loss. One safe and natural way to make up for mineral deficiencies in the body to help stop hair loss is through tissue cell salts.

To stop hair loss is not the only aim of persons experiencing alopecia or baldness. Curing hair loss calls for a treatment that can stop ongoing loss of hair, prevent further baldness, achieve growth of new healthy hair shafts, and cause no problem of harmful side effects. Those make up the best and most effective hair loss treatment there is. With inventions, innovations, and more scientific breakthroughs in hair care studies, a new hair loss treatment is here. And adding to those characteristics that make up the best hair loss treatment is convenience.

This new hair loss treatment is the laser comb, which provides cold laser therapy in treating hair loss. The laser comb makes it possible to stop hair loss, prevent it from worsening, stimulate hair regrowth, avoid side effects, and use it with convenience.

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