Questions to Ask the Wedding Florist Before Signing a Contract

Planning a wedding tends to be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s one reason the happy couple typically sets a date at least six months after their official engagement. Aspects that must be considered involve the floral arrangements for the bride, the wedding party, and the decorations. A meeting with a Baltimore florist can be scheduled once the wedding’s color scheme is decided on. Photos of the wedding party outfits and table linens will help, but fabric swatches will do if that’s not possible yet.

In some cases, the couple knows exactly what flowers they want to have at the wedding, but many times, the couple looks to an expert florist for some guidance. They might want to have lilacs and daffodils at an early spring wedding, but they also are likely to want some other flowers and would appreciate some input on complementary possibilities. Brides and grooms can bring lists of flowers they especially like along with pictures of flowers, bouquets, and table arrangements. It’s easy to find pictures like this in magazines and on websites. If they find an intricate floral display they especially like, they’ll need verification from the florist that this can be recreated.

The couple can write up a list of questions before a meeting they want to ask a florist at a store such as Flowers & Fancies. That way, they know they’ll have all the answers needed to make decisions in regard to these decorative items for the big day. Obviously, some of the questions will be financial in nature, as most engaged persons are working with a budget for the wedding and reception.

There also are questions to be considered even before knowing which floral arrangements will be chosen. For instance, what are the extra fees for setting up the flowers? Is there a delivery charge not included with the fee for the flowers? This information will help the couple decide whether they need to ask friends or family to help out. How soon before the event must the customers sign a contract and make a deposit? The couple may want to know whether they can receive an itemized list of charges instead of a bill with only a grand total.