Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind: Using Storage as a Reason to get a Home Project Done

A DIY home repair can be a rewarding journey from “okay” to “beautifully improved.” The trip itself can be a little rocky, of course. This is especially so if the budget is modest, the kids are curious, and space is limited. Storage units can be a useful asset for DIY projects. It makes the project a little easier in just about every way. It is also something that is criminally underused in DIY home repairs.

Benefits of a Storage Unit

Do children have a tendency to curiously dig around the broken walls, plastic-coated furniture, and loose tools lying on the uncarpeted ground? If so, a storage unit can help clear out anything and everything that does not need to be in place during the project. It keeps the space relatively clear for what needs to be done at the time.

Avoiding a Pitfall

The adage “out of sight, out of mind,” exists for a reason. It can be tricky to navigate something that is far away from the home. Moms can have a picture of the monthly cost of the storage unit invoiced and pinned on the fridge. Do not allow a storage unit to fall out of mind. Look at the room in disarray to be reminded of the project. Though the storage unit is being utilized to make the repairs easier, it is only part of the story.

Give Kids a Small Part of the Project

It is often smart to allow kids to make a decision that has little actual consequence. It allows them to own a part of the project. It makes it oddly collaborative, and who knows? They may have some amazing insight on something.

Moms can take the kids to the store and help select decorations for the new room. Give children a modicum of involvement to engage their creativity. Moms are not alone in the project. The kids can be an asset, potentially, if a mom wants to engage them and involve them in the small journey.

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