How Are Hair Straighteners Manufactured

The way a hair straightner is manufactured will affect its quality and utility. They are manufactured with different materials so as to keep your hair straightened for long. You can find a number of styling tools available in the market today that differ in styles and types. It is due to different components they are made with.

Ceramic plates are the most common component used in manufacturing flat irons and other hot styling tools today owing to the safety and protection it offers to the hair when heated. Before the introduction of ceramic straighteners, manufacturers had the only option of making metallic flat irons that was usually made with aluminum plates. Metal plates when heated can heat the hair unevenly and can thus pull, form scratches and burn your hair. Thus, the use of metal plates decreased owing to the adverse effect it induced on the hair. Metal plates are now replaced by ceramic plates that are known to produce plenty of negative ions when heated and offer optimal heat protection to your hair.

Newer hair irons are again replaced by tourmaline heating plates that are even more efficient than the ceramic materials in protecting the hair from the heat as it produce 6 times more negative ions comparatively. The integration of numerous other technologies has helped in increasing the efficiency and performance of the hair iron. Flat irons are made in different plate sizes suited for different types of hair. They range between sizes of 1 to 2 inches. The different plate size offer flexibility in being used for different hair types such as for long, short, thick, fine, fragile and damaged hair. They also help in acquiring different hair styles such as for straightening, curling, flipping, crimping etc.

A hair iron is made by connecting two arms of heating elements using a rubbing or heating barrel in between. The handle is made with heat resistant materials and the arms made of plastic. When some operate with an electric element, some other like travel size irons operate with batteries. Professional quality flat irons are made in a compact, lightweight, ergonomic design along with a professional 360 degree swivel cord for tangle free styling.

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