Food for age-defying beauty!

Fed up of those evident effects of aging on your skin? Simple monitoring of your diet plan can help you look young and glowing all over again! Here are a few essential food stuffs that can fight those unnecessary marks and wrinkles on your face and body: Add some color to your food: Did you know colorful fruits and vegetables hold important antioxidants that can stop unstable molecules from disturbing healthy cells? Rich red tomatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables, blueberries etc can fade away all signs of Aging. At least 5 servings a day of these health-boosting food items can give a younger looking skin with no side effects. Fish: The Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil hold numerous benefits for an aging skin. They protect your heart, reduce your risk of stroke, and may even lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. For those who don’t’ feed on fish, there are fish oil supplements available in the market that contain all advantages of the original fish oil. Include -White’ in your diet: Calcium is a highly essential ingredient to fight aging. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cottage cheese etc can enhance the overall health of your skin and hence lessen the showing effects of growing years. Feed your body with nourishing nutrients. These healthy food items work well to keep your skin look younger and glowing. However, some stubborn marks and wrinkles might need professional help. Clinic Dermatech offers you highly advanced and long lasting solutions for anti-aging. Our services are effective, efficient and monitored by experts. We deliver complete customer satisfaction through robust technologies and enhanced equipment.