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Tulisa Constantavlos’ Hair Style Journey Through The Years!

Tulisa Constantavlos has recently been voted as the Sexiest female in the UK despite the controversy this caused, whether you agree with the title or not, one thing that no one can deny is that Tulisa always looks great. She has her own unique style and is always following the trends with her own twist on things, and one thing that can always be said is that her hair is always on point.
Tulisa first came onto the scene as one third of N-Dubz, a young singer with a fresh face and, to be frank, not so fresh hair. Sporting what can only be considered as quite ghastly striped blonde highlights at the time, this look was gone almost instantly with her full fringe and dodgy extensions on to better! Soon after the initial blonde mishap, the star was seen with a full head of toned down blonde and a more styled fringe. Adding layers and some layer with the help of hair extensions complimented the square shape of Tulisas face and made her look feminine and elegant.
Over time, Tulisa Constantavlos gradually added more low lights to her long locks, until she was sporting a pretty much full head of brown hair. This started off as a mousey brown tone, which progressively got darker until she found her perfect colour match with a deep, rich brown.
The ex N-Dubz songstress has always been fond of her hair extensions, and is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to add some extra length and volume to their hair. Whether she wears her hair straight, curly, or tied up, Tulisa always makes sure her extensions are undetectable by keeping the rest of her hair looking healthy and layered.
Appearing on the X Factor, Tulisa often was seen with up-dos to add some sophistication to her look. One of her most memorable hair styles from the show was a quiff and bun combination. This allowed the judge to show the thickness and strength of her hair, with it completely off her face. Tulisa had the front section backcombed and pinned back, and the rest tied around each other in a neat bun.
If you would like some advice on how to style your hair to suit your face shape, or some assistance with hair pieces, or you are going through any for of hair thinning, shedding or loss, contact Bloomsbury of London today.

The Story Of Hair Straighteners

One of the most popular hair styling tools used by most of the peoples these days is a hair straightener. In the most common way this hair styling tool is used for the purpose of straightening your curly unmanageable hair with the help of heat technique. It changes the hair structure by applying heat to it. It was first invented by Erica Feldman in the year 1872. It was then nothing but hated rods used for the purpose of straightening or styling the hair. During the 1960s women tied to use this technique for straightening their hair by using clothing irons to remove unwanted curls and waves of their hair. It was only in 1909 that Isaac K. Shero got the patent of hair straighteners by using two flat irons that are heated and pressed together. Like most of the inventions the hair straighteners also underwent gradual change of development. And the hair straighteners that we use these days are undoubtedly credited to Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield. She was the one who, in 1912 combined made out the hair straighteners into a hinged, two plated heated iron. But that too is not the ultimate end of development of the hair straighteners. Far more developments are still in progress to make the hair straighteners better and far more safer and a thing of much more utility to be used more safely.

These days a large variety of hair straighteners are available in the market. These are quite easy to use and even you can use it at home without wasting a lot of money and time by visiting a hair stylist for the purpose of straightening your hair.

Now let us have a look how does a hair straightener work. The process that the hair straighteners use to straighten the hair is quite easy. The main thing is heat treatment. Breaking down the hydrogen bonds found in the hairs cortex, which causes hair to bend and become curly is the main thing that is done by the hair straighteners to make the hair straight. Though it is true that the hydrogen bonds are reformed when exposed to hair but when it is broken the hair is unable to hold its original, natural form thus at that time you can easily give it the shape you want to mould it into.

With the development of technology the pattern of heating technique in the hair straighteners has also changed. The ceramic heating elements that are used these days for heating purpose are more effective because of their constant heating with a very fast heat-up time. Flat irons with a higher-quality plate is much more desirable as they straighten the hair much more easily and cause less damage to the hair. In good hair straighteners the ceramic coating is very hard and are sprayed in layers and baked on to perform the best. It is true that these units are much costly, while the less expensive units do not have any ceramic coating, rather sometimes have a paint-like coating, which is soon gone off causing a lot more damage to the hair cortex.

Generally hair straighteners are used only on dried hair. It takes a few minutes and then you can get your desired straight hair look. But the thing that should be kept in mind is that a hair straightener may damage your hair. Though a sensible use of hair straighteners doesnt have much harmful effects on the hair but if you are desperate enough to use it daily, you are sure to ruin your hair.

The Beauty of Genuine Leather Bibles

The Bible is considered to be the most important book for us Christians. If you love to bring your Bible everywhere, then its best that you invest in a durable piece that can withstand the wears and tears of everyday use. Bibles today actually come in a variety of shapes, sizes and covers but if you are looking for the most durable piece then the best choice would be to get the genuine leather Bibles. Genuine leather is a very valuable and highly regarded fabric mainly because it is made out of real animal skin. It is considered to be the perfect material that can protect your most precious possession. Bibles made out of genuine leather can last for years. Many families have even turned their leather Bible into priced family heirlooms, passed on from one generation to another. The leather used for Bible covers can come from different animals – such as cows and goats. Among these, goat’s skin is considered to be the best mainly because it is much softer and much more durable than any other kind of leather. Sometimes, manufacturers also make use of sheepskin, but this is very rare and uncommon. Apart from that, leather can give a wonderful classic look to any book. Genuine leather is naturally soft and can come with natural animal patterns, giving your Bible a very unique look of its own. But before you go out and buy these items, it is very important that you know how to spot genuine leather Bibles from the faux leather material. Faux leather can look pretty much the same as real leather for the untrained eye. However, faux leather is less valuable and less durable as well. There are generally two types of leather used for Bibles: the single sheet material and the bonded leather. The single sheet genuine leather Bibles are made out of a single sheet of leather while the bonded leather are made out of different leather sheets, bound together to form the book cover. Although bonded leather Bibles carry the same qualities of leather, full sheet leather is still considered to be more durable. If you are planning to buy your Bible from on site-bookstores, make sure that you get the ones that are made out of genuine leather. Genuine leather Bibles usually has a stamp or a label that authenticates the material. Bibles without this label are most probably made out of faux leather or man-made leather. Remember, a real leather Bible can also be pricier compared to those that are made out of faux leather or any other material so be ready to spend a little more. For those who want to purchase these items online, it can get a bit trickier. This is because it is almost impossible to tell genuine leather from faux leather unless the website informs you so. So be on the safe side and buy genuine leather Bibles only from trusted and legitimate online stores. Make sure that you read the product description as thoroughly as possible and that it specifically tells you that the material is made out of genuine leather and nothing less.

Six Beauty Hints From Arab Women That Will Highlight Your Inner Beauty

Arab women are known for their grace and beauty. Research also has shown that Arab females have the most healthy and youthful looking skin all around the world. These are some helpful beauty tips, from Arabian women, that will assist you in your attempt to create a more beautiful you:

Eat healthy food to feel and look beautiful

For most Arab women, the best way to feel and look great all the time is to eat healthy food. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and seek to minimize processed foods. Food that you cook yourself is much more healthy for you than fast food, so whenever possible, schedule time to shop for fresh meat at the supermarket. This way, you will get the right energy and nutrients you need for your daily activities and to stay healthy.

Relax at spas to feel good

Many Middle Eastern Women, especially the Arabs, regularly visit spa to revitalize their skin. A spa is a great place to relax and reduce stress. Steaming and beauty masks are used for cleansing, particularly of the face. They also believe in the powerful benefits of Argan oil skin and hair care. Argan oil is prevalent in Morocco. Argan oil is a great product for keeping your skin healthy because of numerous vitamins and minerals. Argan oil helps to maintain youthful, vital-looking skin even as you grow older.

Stay indoors when the sun is at its peak

Your skin needs a little consideration to keep it protected and to keep it young. Arab women have a firm belief that it is beneficial to stay indoors midday. The sun’s hot rays may damage skin cells and prematurely age skin. When participating in outdoor activities during the peak hours of sun exposure; it is a good idea to apply sunscreen to the face, and body.

Wearing clothes that cover the skin offers added protection

Women from Arab nations ensconce themselves in clothing and scarves for added protection. The best way to protect your skin from dust, the sun’s heat, and other kinds of abrasives such as dirt that can be harmful to one’s skin is to wear protective clothing such as hats, scarves, and gloves.

For makeup, only use brands you trust to help protect your skin

Don’t buy cheap products when you use makeup. It’s not essential that you exclusively buy the priciest ones, but you definitely need to avoid the cheapest, lowest quality brands. An Arabian woman’s secret for having a nice looking, youthful face is to use good quality make up brands to protect their skin.

Plastic surgery is one choice people consider to try to regain their beauty

Arab women put much effort in looking youthful and attractive whether it be in using natural cosmetics or surgery. The women who go for the majority of surgeries, which are typically breast implants, liposuction, and anti-aging treatments, tend to be rich or famous ones.

To achieve the beauty and vitality of Arabic females, choose the natural route. Keep your body and skin protected through eating nutritional, well-balanced foods and utilizing ingredients such as natural oils that have healthy properties. Synthetic varieties may damage your skin or body. It is important to choose only the finest synthetic oils to avoid problems.

Anti Aging Doctor Los Angeles

For many men and women who are experiencing menopause or andropause, the treatment was fairly limited in the past. Now, with bioidentical hormones the Pandora’s box has been opened. There are many women who have passed the menopause and suffered through a variety of physical and emotional problems during this period. Symptoms such as headaches, flushing, weight gain, night sweats, dry skin or loss of libido are common and very unpleasant. These symptoms can last from 2-5 years.

There’s no need to go through this agony. Bioidentical Hormone Los Angeles replacement therapy is widely used in Europe for the treatment of women and men who have sex hormones decrease. There is much evidence and clinical reports that show that short-term use of bioidentical hormones is safe and effective.

Bioidentical hormones are similar to natural hormones produced in the body, with the only difference is that bioidentical hormones are extracted from certain plants. Unlike many synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormones contain no chemicals or preservatives.

Should I take bioidentical hormones personal decision? There are some simple saliva and blood tests that can quickly tell if the sex hormones are low. If you have symptoms of menopause, or andropause, then visit a doctor who deals with bioidentical hormone therapy is recommended.

The great thing about these hormones is that they can be customized for each person. After the reduced deficit is determined by sex hormones, the doctor may write a prescription for the exact dosage required. The pharmacist can then mix bioidentical hormones in appropriate dosages.

To Date, most experts agree that bioidentical hormones in the short term are safe. May even protect against osteoporosis and heart attacks. Unimpeded estrogens in postmenopausal women may cause breast and uterine cancer. All women who intend to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy los angeles should have a detailed discussion of this topic with your doctor. There is also extensive information on the internet on this topic.

Although these hormones can be bought without a prescription in other parts of the world (eg Mexico), this should be avoided. Quality and quantity of bioidentical hormones in doubt and cannot always be verified.

In the U.S., bioidentical hormones fairly readily available but require a prescription. Many alternative healthcare practitioners recommend these products. In the end, it’s a security issue. As more studies become available, more doctors have learned that bioidentical hormones are just as safe as any other drug, as long as they are not abused or taken for a long time.

Sacha Cosmetics – Will Make You Look Natural

Sacha Cosmetics started its journey in the year 1979 and were established in Tobago and Trinidad. The man behind this company is Kama Maharaj, who is the founder of Sacha Cosmetics. Within the Caribbean market, Sacha Cosmetics was designed and it’s almost thirty years before. This cosmetic whole is good for every skin tone ladies and offers outstanding make-up line. The foremost prime goal of this company is to form wonderful makeover with the right foundation.

Foundations offered by Sacha are outstanding and have the power to fit your skin perfectly. This foundation will not give you dull look and will not make you colorful. All Sacha Cosmetics are made by expert chemists those have found the right kind of shade that will match every skin. There are also fantastic makeup tones that will enhance your beauty and will make you look natural. Many worlds’ beautiful women have tried cosmetic products from Sacha and it made them highly famous.

This cosmetic company was the official signature of Miss Universe 1998, Miss Universe 1999, Miss Universe 2000 and Miss U.S.A 2000. Many men and ladies models in each fashion show use Sacha cosmetics. You may not get any sort of infection of chemical harms to your skin by using merchandise from Sacha. Kamaflage line may be a wonderful product for women those are having skin blemishes. It will give nice foundation coverage and will hide all types of blemishes and patches.

Today, Sacha is running successfully in twenty-three different countries all around the world. Here below are some unique products offered by Sacha cosmetics:

*Palettes *Lighted Lip Gloss *Lip Gloss *LipStick *Eye Shadows *Conceal ears *Face Powders *Mascara *Blush

There are various on-line stores those are selling types of Sacha cosmetics. If you would like to shop for cosmetic products from Sacha, then get into the net world. Sacha Cosmetics was made 30 years before for Caribbean market, and where there are the ladies with all doable color of skin. The vision of Sacha Cosmetics was to form one line of the makeup, which is worn by all the women, no matter the ancestry – Latin, Asian, Caucasian, African as well as Indian. This line can be the makeup artist’s dream and exciting colors with foundations that can work like the second skin on complexion.

They need recognized that first step in creating the attractive makeover, was to have right foundation for your skin care. An ideal foundation should have the full coverage furthermore endurance and should match the natural skin color and your foundation must not leave you seem orange, pink, ashy and 2 toned. There are wide ranges of the merchandise that are available in the market that you’ll choose in a very range. At a same time, they have additionally developed the makeup colors that can enhance natural great thing about women with totally different skin colors.

Penis Health Creme – Why Does It Appeal To Women

Women generally love to pamper their bodies with vitamin supplements, moisturizers, lotions and cremes to keep their bodies healthy, clean and looking great. This ingrained habit has proven effective in helping women maintain their general well-being as well as increase their life expectancy. Men are catching up with women in terms of using health products to improve their looks and well being. This is because there are now various products in the market which are specially made to maintain men’s health. These include vitamin supplements, facial moisturizers and anti-aging body lotions. There are also penis health cremes which are specifically intended for maintenance and improvement of penis skin.

Men’s use of these health products, including penis health crme, would naturally appeal to women. It means that their partner gives equal importance to health as well as their sexual relationship. When both partners are healthy, their intimate moments usually become more enjoyable and more meaningful.

3 Reasons Why a Penis Health Crme Appeals to Women

Women like it when their man looks clean, and smells good all over.

Wives may find it erotic to think of applying crme on their husbands most private parts,

Men, with a health regimen, such as using a penis creme, are often healthy and disease-free, and thereby, more appealing.

There are many benefits that men would gain with regular application of penis health crme.

5 Benefits of a Penis Health Creme

A quality penis health creme contains natural moisturizing ingredients to keep penis skin smooth and supple. It also prevents dryness which can often lead to irritation and itching, and the formation of rashes and sores.

These crmes usually have antibacterial ingredients which can prevent the growth of bacteria in the penile area, thus preventing the development of odor..

A good penis creme contains several antioxidants which help increase blood circulation, protect nerves from injury, and prevent aging of the penile skin.. Increased blood circulation promotes good exchange of oxygen and nutrients between cells in order to keep the body in optimum condition.

Different types of vitamins are also incorporated in a quality penis health creme. These vitamins are important in cell metabolism, and collagen production to maintain proper function and firmness of the penis.

With regular application, penis sensitivity is enhanced.

Because some men may not readily accept using health products like crmes or ointments for penis skin health, women can encourage their partner with the following steps.

3 Ways Women Can Encourage Their Partner to Use Penis Health Crmes

While reading about skin products on the Net, wives can casually show the product to their husband and read aloud their ingredients and many benefits. Although men may not admit it, they would be curious to know that such products are available to them. This might be an interesting topic for discussion on a later date when the husband is in an amenable mood.

Women can buy the product online and show it to their partner. Some men may resist using a penis health crme, but women can be persuasive. They can even suggest applying a penis creme to their partner regularly. This can surely lead to some excitement, and frequent intimate moments.

Another way to persuade men to use penis health creme is giving them rewards or incentives which can range from body massage or promise of the woman using a new sexual gadget.

These days, the use of body health crmes is not limited to women only. Indeed, men can now retain young-looking, smooth and firm penis skin with daily use of penis health cremes that contains penis-specific vitamins and minerals to remain healthy and become more attractive to their partners.

Cosmetic Surgery After Pregnancy

It’s not just celebrity moms who are leading the pack in getting a mommy-makeover after pregnancy. Many ordinary women are choosing to have cosmetic surgery following a pregnancy. Whether we blame it on the media’s focus on the perfect body, or the new mother’s desire to regain her figure after childbirth, these aesthetic operations may significantly help to mitigate the effects of a pregnancy.

The popularity of electing to undergo a cosmetic procedure, following childbirth, is demonstrated by a 2007 study performed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The study found that more than 59% of its member physicians are seeing a greater number of women desirous of undergoing cosmetic procedures to correct the effects of pregnancy.

The effects of pregnancy may be a direct result of giving birth or as a result of maternal considerations that may occur following giving birth (e.g., breast-feeding) to one or more children. These plastic surgeries may have a single procedural goal, such as a tummy tuck, or multiple procedural goals such as a mommy makeover.

As might be expected, one of the most significant effects of childbirth relates to the abdomen. The very act of childbirth compromises the elasticity of the skin covering the abdomen. This may be further aggravated if the rectus dominus muscles become separated and/or lazy.

The net result of these factors is that the stomach protrudes. One approach toward mitigating the issue of loose abdominal skin after pregnancy is to have a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. An abdominoplasty may not interfere with a later pregnancy, but you should clarify this with your physician if you intend to have more pregnancies. The benefits of some forms of abdominoplasties (such as a lipoabdominoplasty) may be undone by a later pregnancy.

Another possible effect of childbirth, or its aftermath, is that the breasts sag, either the result of the childbirth itself or as the result of breast-feeding. Indeed, the desire of some women to mitigate the effects of childbirth may be one reason why tummy tucks and breast lifts are becoming more common.

The growing popularity of the two operations is confirmed by fact that their occurrence rose between 9% and 12% between 2005 and 2006. A recent trend is for mothers to combine two or more plastic surgeries into a single procedure, known as a mommy makeover.

This new trend was exhibited by a recent television program which interviewed three women about their experiences with a mommy makeover. All three women reported having an extremely positive result, but mentioned that they waited until after having two or more children before electing to undergo a mommy makeover.

If you’re looking for a highly experienced plastic surgeon professional who can help to relieve a single symptom, or multiple symptoms, associated with giving birth, Dr. Paul Parker is known for his remarkable results that can be viewed at . Dr. Parker is highly qualified to perform a single oriented procedure, such as an

abdominoplasty, or a set of procedures constituting a mommy makeover.

He is able to accomplish this goal as the result of his years of experience, the great and sincere compassion and attention which he provides his patients, his dual certification (by both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Board of Surgery) and through the facilicies afforded by his 15,000 square foot center certified by Medicare, the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) and by the Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

If you’re seeking a extremely talented plastic surgeon who sincerely cares about his patients, contact Dr. Parker either by calling 201-967-1212 or going to to schedule an appointment.

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Nano Cosmetics Are They The Next Great Thing

Women all over the world are doing a variety of things to combat aging. They want their faces to look like they did a few years ago, and are trying all kinds of new technologies to find the look of youth.

One of these new technologies is being marketed by one of the largest manufacturers of beauty products; the new technology is the use of nano particles in their cosmetics, particularly in anti aging wrinkle creams.

Nano cosmetics are so named because they utilize extremely tiny (or nano) particles to penetrate the skin far more than traditional anti aging treatments are able to do. Nano technology was originally introduced to be used in man made fibers and medicinal drugs.

Because of the ability of these particles to be absorbed into skin cells, questions have arisen concerning the long term effects of the chemicals being introduced into the body.

This is particularly an issue if the particles leach into body cells or the bloodstream. Both the British Agency, the Royal Society, and the American agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have voiced concerns about the use of nano technology in cosmetic treatments.

These governmental bodies are calling for some serious research into the long term effects of these cosmetics in the cosmetics industry, which has been relatively unregulated since its conception. The FDA is also looking into the possibility of introducing a system which would require clinical trials and licensing within this industry.

According to the FDA, urgent research is needed to assess safety concerns about nano particles used in cosmetics. The Royal Society is also questioning whether the particles are taken into cells, whether they can enter the bloodstream, and the effects of these.

The fears arising from the use of nanotechnology in cosmetics are due to questions about possible genetic mutation as a long term effect.

Traditionally, anti-aging skin care products were designed to hold moisture in the skin by creating a barrier between the skin and the outside world. Nano particles in the new generation of cosmetics do not work this way.

They are designed to penetrate the upper layers of the skin and stimulate new skin cell production which gives skin a new, plump, and youthful appearance. Nano particles make it possible to get a multitude of chemicals into the deeper layers of skin because the chemicals can be covered by the particles.

Many of these chemicals would cause irritation in other forms and may be stimulating the inner working by irritating from the inside. This is the nano cosmetic secret to anti aging and anti-wrinkle skin care products. Basically, if your use these products, you will definitely see results, but you do not know what effects they may have on you in the long run.

This rush to influx the market with over the counter anti aging creams and other anti aging cosmetics is in answer to medical treatments for anti aging, like Botox. Skin care companies have realized that people will pay well for products that work due to the number of people who utilize (and pay for) the Botox solution for anti aging, even if it is temporary.

In an attempt to keep their competitive edge, some of the leading manufacturers, are leading this race, having patented several dozen nanosomes. A nanosome is a particle which is a staggering 800 times smaller than the diameter of a single human hair.

With the cosmetics industry steady increase in sales (approximately 10% per year), companies are always looking for ways to draw customers to their door.

While other companies are working the technology, they may not actually have products on the market yet. One of the appearance concerns that some companies are interested in using nanotechnology to answer is hair; research is ongoing to find ways to use nano particles to prevent hair from turning grey and also for loss of hair.

While the use of nanotechnology in the cosmetics industry is quite a rage for both cosmetics companies and consumers. This technology as an anti aging tool does give results, but may pose serious health concerns, not only for current generations, but for future generations.

How To Choose The Best Bulk Cosmetic Ingredients Supplier

Choose the services of a reliable cosmetic ingredients supplier.

Without raw materials it is impossible for you to start the production process. In such a case it is wise on your part to contact the bulk cosmetic ingredients supplier as they will offer you all the required raw materials. When you go to find the suppliers you will come across many that will help you. Thus, you need to make the decision very smartly and make certain that you choose the right supplier.

The first aspect that you need to consider at the time you start the production work is to search for a reliable and trustworthy bulk cosmetic ingredients supplier. The simplest source through which you can locate the supplier is the Internet. The web is known to be the most convenient method that will provide you with a list of ingredients supplier that will deal in manufacturing ingredients. There are some aspects that you need to consider other than this while you are in search of the supplier.

The cosmetic ingredients supplier that you wish to choose should be a reliable one. You need to carry out sufficient research so that you can be sure that you have chosen the right supplier as per your needs and budget. This will also help you know in brief about the quality of the products offered as well as the services. What you can do is go through the supplier’s website and get as much information as you can to take the right decision. You can even refer to the blogs as well as the forums. These options will help you get the right reviews of the clients that have used the products and/or services of the specific supplier. You can certainly rely on these reviews as they are true and genuine and relying on them can prove to be good to you.

This will help you in a better way to choose the services of a specific supplier. Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is that the supplier supplies you with quality products. This is very important for you as the finished product that you manufacture will depend on the quality of the raw materials that you buy on a greater extent. You will also have to check on the types of machines as well as the technology used by the supplier to produce the cosmetic ingredients. Only if they use the advanced technology you should choose their services. They should also use refined methods as well as technology to choose the services of bulk cosmetic ingredients supplier.