Beauty Of Indian Landscape Captured In Art Paintings

India is enchanting, ancient land with the fascinating wealth of natural beauty our surroundings are full of life which are unique in their existence. The natural scenery as the forests, mountains trees, flowers, river valleys, stormy seas and the lakes or beach in sunset has always been the source of inspiration for the artists that can be clearly seen in all the Indian contemporary Art and modern contemporary art. For Indians art has always been a part of our general consciousness, we have always regarded nature as a source of inspiration, refreshment and delight to man kind.

India is a country blessed with immense incredible natural beauty because of this reason many painters since ancient times create magnificent artworks that are based on landscapes. In Indian contemporary art landscape art was only referred to the art related to the natural land forms inclusive of the plains, deserts, mountains, valleys, farmlands, hills, marshlands, etc. The stunning scenic beauty of India from Kanyakumari to the Kashmir valley, no-doubt lured the artists to create brilliant art-pieces. Since a long time several masterpieces have been prepared, depicting various aspects of the land.

In modern contemporary art landscape artwork includes both the natural and urban structures; the monuments that were built during Mughal Empire have stimulated many talented artists to create breathtaking paintings. Artworks of scenic beauty can be easily seen in home of almost every class. Many people believe that landscape artwork plays an important role in harmonizing mans existence with his external environment.

Landscape painting has gained popularity in India majorly because of the country’s topography and monuments. India treasures the vast collection of Landscape Paintings as well as drawings, these paintings majorly utilized acrylic on canvas, charcoal on paper, acrylic gold foil on canvas, water color, oil painting. Theses paintings are mostly done on medium as walls, paper and canvas.

Paintings by artists using their canvas stands, paints, boards and brushes substituted the photographs years before cameras were invented. Art displayed at an Indian art gallery demonstrates the exact replica of the beautiful spots depicts the superb artistic skills of the artists. Many landscape paintings which evolved just out of the painters imagination, includes the ones with the vivid imaginations and excessive colors.
In the present era of technology many people use devices such as camera to capture natures beauty there are many creative landscape photographers but landscape art still have a special place in the heart of art collectors and is still being treasured. Indian contemporary art is still on high demand there are thousands of people round the world who are ready to pay millions just for a canvas portraying beautiful landscapes. An Indian art gallery sells landscape art pieces through auction or internet as a result Indian art gallery now allows art collectors to purchase Indian Art piece sitting at home.