Bad Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, also known as Aesthetic plastic surgery, is a procedure that involves the enhancement of different physical features of body and thus improves them. Cosmetic surgery is a vast field related to reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery and the treatment of burns. This field is specifically involved in maintaining, restoring and enhancing the physical features. Cosmetic surgery was first used regularly after World War I for the treatment of injured soldiers. But after that the elite class used this technique for the restoration and enhancement of different body parts.

A cosmetic surgery that does not happen as it is planned and goes untidy is known as bad cosmetic surgery. Bad cosmetic surgery usually happens due to some problems during the operation. It can also happen as a result of some bad choices made by the patients before surgery or by the surgeons during the surgical procedures. The results of bad cosmetic surgery are visible. In some cases the muscles are so tightened that it effects the mobility of the body parts especially in face lifts where the face becomes asymmetrical.

Another result of bad cosmetic surgery is the damage to the nerves. The nerves become dead and damaged due to some careless surgical procedures. The other risks of cosmetic surgery are bruising, swelling, pain and some visible scarring. Another severe form of bad cosmetic surgery results in bleeding which leads the patient back to the operation theater.

Bad cosmetic surgery is a reality that we are not aware of. We see successful results of cosmetic surgery on different celebrities but the hidden facts are the actual reality. These are the risks of bad cosmetic surgery and a person should match the risks and benefits of cosmetic surgery before undergoing it. There are several causes of bad cosmetic surgery. The responsibility lies with both the patient and the surgeon.

Before the operation, a patient should confirm the status of the surgeon. One can easily become a prey to a newly and inexperienced surgeon who can experiment with the body of the patient. In some forms of bad surgery, corrective measures can be taken to take the required shape back. This is done through another corrective surgery. However, in some cases, like rhinoplasty this is not possible.

The corrective surgery requires that there must be some tissues left behind to enable another procedure for reshaping. If these are not available then this repairment cannot take place. Bad cosmetic surgery also results in emotional and psychological disturbances in a victim patient. He loses all the trust of surgery and hopes of improvement. So, before deciding to go for a surgery from a chosen surgeon, the details must be checked.

Dr. Farhat Bokhari, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon